Act No. 2387/10/09 Display of Royal Photograph

  1. It is hereby decided that all buildings/structures/outhouses and/or roofed walls, be it permanent or otherwise shall prominently display a photograph of our Handsome Hero, Leader of the Beloved Mighty Movement (Henceforth called “The Beloved”).
  2. Such buildings as aforementioned will include government, quasi-government, parastatal and quasi-parastatal, NGO and quasi-NGO, public and quasi-public, private and quasi-private structures of whatsoever form and/or nature.
  3. Said photograph is to be distributed by the relevant government authority at the public’s own cost.
  4. Said Photograph is to be permanently displayed and not tampered with or defaced.
  5. Any non-compliance will be brought to the attention of the ministry of inland security and be dealt with accordingly.
  6. Any person or otherwise found guilty of such non-compliance will be charged with non-compliance of Act No. 2387/10/09 and shall face a sentence of direct imprisonment for an undetermined period, surrender of all personal assets and/or wealth to the Leader of The Beloved and possible bodily harassment, as the case may be.
  7. A sample of the photograph to be so displayed is included herewith for brief consideration and/or preparation of the appropriate wall space.

Draft Photograph Act No. 2387/10/09 Display of Royal Photograph

Draft Photograph Act No. 2387/10/09 Display of Royal Photograph

Act No. 2387/10/09 is hereby decreed and passed into law, as it were.


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