Gun Running


I must say that I do enjoy arms deals.

Why, I am not too sure, but think that it may be something to do with the whole cut and thrust of the thing.

For example:

Yours truly: Well, I am not sure we need 30 Stealth Bombers at a cost of $530 mil. Maybe only 2, ok?

Seller (US): Now, we only sell in bulk, I am sure you understand.

YT: Ok, Ok. How about 10 at 2 million US?

S (US): Hmm, tempting, but lets talk about 15 at $600 mil?

YT: Total?

S (US): Each.

YT: Of course. But then I would like en suite loos for each room in the villa in the south of France.

S (US): Agreed.

YT: Oh, and I want a motorised garage door at the villa. I have never opened a garage door manually myself and I have no intention of starting any time soon.

S (US): Done.

And that is how one gets what one wants.


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