Act No. 3295/12/09 Prohibition of Jim Beam (White Label)

  1. It is hereby decreed that the selling, giving, providing, consuming, keeping, holding and/or otherwise anything related to Jim Beam (White Label) Bourbon is henceforth illegal.
  2. All persons currently in possession of prohibited contraband are requred to, within 30 days hereof, deliver or cause to be delivered to the Dept of Inland Security any and all Jim Beam (White Label) Bourbon for destruction and/or resale to foreign bidders.
  3. Any person found to have contravened this Act shall be immediately found guilty and made to consume all said contraband in their possession or thought to be in their possession, regardless of the quantity thereof.
  4. Any person so refusing shall be required to meet with the Department of Inland Security for realignment and redistribution of their wealth.

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