An argument in favour of corruption (or a justification thereof).


This will always be a contentious issue, trust me.

That being said, I wish to start on a different topic all together:  African income.

What is “African income”?, you ask. My point exactly, what is it?

I will tell you: It is a term of reference that does not exist. A sleight of hand. A non-existent idea created by the 1st world to assist them in sleeping at night. A shadowy ghost that haunts the dreams and alley ways of shanty towns just before dawn.

Look at the earning power of the average Sipho living under my great friend Bob M. What have they got in their threadbare pockets to spend on christmas this year? Nothing. The same question may be asked of those who find themselves residing in the Sudan, as it were.

Why is this so, you may ask. This question must, needs be answered by a further question: How many of Bob’s or Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir’s (akaعمر حسن أحمد البشير‎) plebs have work, which work generates a small, yet steady income?

I suspect that you may already know the answer.


Almost zero.

And if one has no “effective” employment, one does not earn. And if one does not earn, one does not eat. And if one does not eat, one dies.


Now this begs the next question. If so much of Africa is unemployed, how on earth do so many survive, how do so  many still drive around in flashy cars wearing flashy sun glasses and live in flashy houses?

Heheheh, you won't believe what I just bought and where I got the cash from to do so, heheheh

To answer this question one needs to return to my original point: an argument for corruption and the dire need therefor.

I suggest, no, I insist that corruption is not found in greed and the desire for more wealth, more possessions, more fame, but is found in the begging bowl of need. It may be argued that corruption, for want of a better definition is merely an alternate form of employment and an income generating activity. Thats the ugly truth. Many might not like this fact, but there it is.

At the end of the day, I say: let them eat cake.


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