Kill the who? The what?

I have been busy.

Real busy.

Mainly putting out party fires, including (but not limited to) the conflagration started by one Gwede M in the Palace living room. And all this because a junior resident member of the Palace, late one night (and after way too much Johnny Walker Blue – No less – remember Jim Bean White Label is a No No!) refused to stop singing a very catchy, but rather inciteful song.

MmmMMMmmm, kiss the the wrong word?

Kill the...aah...kill the...mmm...Shite, I forgot the words! Ummm???

Apparently certain members of the voting public took offense, as it were, and complained bitterly about being wiped off the face of the earth and/or driven into the sea. A comment was made that why should they be driven, when they can walk. Five points yet again to Samson, the Tea Boy. (I am considering a promotion for the man. After all, many of my ideas may be attributed to the tea bearer’s insightful proclamations).

So, I did what every other democratically elected leader would do. I appointed a committee of convicted felons to appoint a task group to decide if other convicted criminals should chair a hearing to appoint a disciplinary hearing. I further left it in their hands to decide who should be the accused.

Oh, and I decided to throw myself a parade with guns and boats on trailers and tanks and infantry and planes and ambulances and everything.(The submarines were out-of-order at the time).

Because that’s what being a leader is all about, really. Doing that which makes one feel better.


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