Hints, allegations and things left unsaid.

In my years as democratically elected dictator of this fine State, I have come to realise, nay, understand that there are a few certain words and phrases that, should one wish to remain at the forefront of power (with marginal use of force), one must always keep at hand.

I have found that these words & phrases stir up positive sentiment amongst the voting public, bring back memories of a time when “we” fought for our freedom and create the impression that we are one of them – the people, the voters, the masses.

They love it and it works every time.

These words include, but are not limited to:

  1. My brothers, My sisters
  2. The Revolution (works every time)
  3. The Struggle (see No. 2 above)
  4. Comrade (a classic)
  5. Petty Grievances
  6. Agent (an absolute winner)
  7. Bloody Agent (even better than No. 5 above)
  8. Grass Roots (I am not sure why, but this works)
  9. The workers (obviously)
  10. Unity
  11. Freedom (they love it, even if it is an illusion)
  12. Let us work together (has them eating out of your hand)

Now, lets put them to good use:

“My Brothers & Sisters! (Cheering), Brothers & Sisters of the Revolution, we…(More Cheering)…We must not let the Struggle have been fought in vain. (Cheering and clapping).

Comrades (Clapping & cheering, some whistling), my Comrades (The same), let us put aside these petty grievances (Ululation) that are spread amongst us by these Agents. (Ecstatic clapping and much cheering). We must have no time for these …(Uncontrolled cheering, screaming & ululation – they know what’s coming)…these Bloody Agents! (Chaos).

Let us now return to the Grass Roots level (Cheering, whistling, screaming), Comrades (More of the above), for the sake of the workers (Fists in the air, screaming, yelling, cheering)…for the sake of unity, my brothers & sisters. (A double whammy – absolute pandemonium)

For the sake of ...(Chaotic, frantic pandemonium)…for the sake of freedom (I can’t hear myself think).

Now Comrades (No one is listening anymore, the noise is to loud), let us work together for the Nation”.

There you have it. William Shakespeare could not have said it better, as it were.


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