Friends in High Places

Its simple:

Never be friends with people like Glenn Agliotti – They may arrange to have you commit suicide when the friendship sours. Never Pretty.

So, my cuz, what about we go shopping when this little snafu is all over. My treat!

Don’t be friends, rather be friendly with people like Robert Mugabe – It’s nice to have the class idiot around, but when the important people ask, as it where, you don’t want them knowing you have lunch together. Keep it quiet, hush-hush, muddy the waters. Doing so, always gives rise to plausible deniability.

Always keep people like Schabir Shaik close – You never know when you might need a very personal banker, again.

Keep your distance from people like Julius “The JuJu” Malema – They are forever shooting themselves in the foot and sooner or later, a ricochet is going to take out an eye.

Always be friends with people like Muammar al-Gaddafi – Because next to them, any stupid idiot will look like a bright shining star.

Umm...What was the first part again?

That’s it.


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