Sing a song of Sixpence

It is vital, son, that you have a song that describes you, that defines you, that you can use to whip up the masses and thus, their support.

A liberation song, a song of victory over adversaries (political opponents, the anti corruption unit – for what they are worth these days in any event, the tax man, the lady at the check out counter) or just a song you composed, as it were, in the shower.

Some have a song about a monkey that climbs a mountain. (Whats that about?). BraJuJu has a song about killing people twice. (We advised him otherwise, but you know the boy – wont listen to a soul about anything). One idiot even sings about his machine gun. Where he’s going with that one, only the revolutionaries know. (Is is a catchy tune, mind you).

It is also necessary to change your tune (not your political tune in this case – that you change as and when it suits you and your needs) as your circumstances change. Currently, my song for mass voter rallies etc goes as follows:

I was carried to Polokwane on a ship of fools,
I was voted in, but didn’t have the tools,

I’m on a blood buzz,

Yes I am
I’m on a blood buzz
I’m on a blood buzz
God I am
I’m on a blood buzz

Catchy, is it not?

Now why does one need a song?

Very good question, as it does not seem obvious at first glance.

Words can only take you so far, son. You can talk about heaven and hell at mass meetings and shout and threaten your voters with eternal damnation (Mr Sebenza Whataboy Ditlopo, Minister if Inland Security will see to that, trust me) till you believe it yourself. No, you need to leave the uneducated with something more than just emotional rhetoric.

You need to leave them with something that they can take back to those poorly constructed tin shacks we see next to the highway as we come in to land at the airport. Something they can muse over whilst tending to their fires and sweeping their sandy yards.

And that, my son, is a song.




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