The BIG Question

Lets talk like adults, son, lets talk big man’s talk for a while.

Lets talk “nationalisation“.

More specifically nationalisation of the Mines and other such natural resources.

Now I know that some idiot within the beloved Party is bandying the topic about in the media like a fool with a soccer ball inside the hut and we all agree that nationalisation and the talk thereof is b-a-d for our economy (as spluttering as it currently is), and we all know that such idle rhetoric scares off those nice rich people from the West with their nice big cheques which they want to give to us for “investment ” purposes. But (and this is a big but), economy aside, one must ask the question – What can nationalisation do for me, as a person?

And the answer to that is – Make you a very very happy person.


Because now you have all the natural wealth of the country at your fingertips. To do with as you please.

This is vitally important. A happy person is a contented person. And a contented person does not lay claim to your power and position immediately.

What I am trying to say, son, is that through land grabs and through the nationalisation of natural resources (currently in the hands of the counter-revolutionary colonialists) we (read the royal “we” as in yours truly) will have the resources to keep those around us happy with what they have. What I am talking about is gifts. Gifts of land, gifts of positions, gifts of material ownership of resources and hence, a gift of income, as it were.


Alright! Party time. Lets spend all the money!

Mock surprise of the lucky recipient of a recently nationalised gold mine


Now, I am aware that this not a long-term solution, but as the old saying goes: “make hay while the sun shines”.

So ultimately, what is more important that the economy, than civil rights and humanitarian care?

That’s right – your tenacious grip on power.

Just ask Brother Leader Gaddafi.


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