Gaddafi is Dead (and it is all his own fault)


Tut Tut.

Another idiot without an exit strategy.

How many times do I have to tell them:

Exit Strategy! Exit Strategy! Exit Strategy!!!!

Gaddafi was found in a drainage canal. Oh come on, seriously?

Saddam Hussein also had no exit strategy, but at least he was found in a “Spider Hole” hide out on a farm.

Colonel G, you in there, old boy?

Colonel G, you in there old boy? Helloooo?

A drainage canal is NOT an exit strategy.

I suppose Gaddafi was really the dumb boy on the playground then.


Sick Leave – The purpose of:


We are all human, we dictators. (All except my friend from up North, Robert M. Of him, I sometimes wonder).

We may seem to be animals and demons, but beneath our tough exterior of aggression and fear, we are but flesh and breakable bones.

And this we must put to good use.

Aaaaaaatchoooooo. I feel a cold coming on.

Aaaaaaatchoooooo. I feel a cold coming on.

How and why, you ask?

Fantastic question and the answer lies a bit further from where you think it may. (Actually, I have no idea where you think it may lie, but that is besides the point).

Let me start by saying that there will always be those around you who desire your position of power and status. Sometimes, however, it may not be the easiest thing to spot these assholes, even with the services of rough men like the Minister of Inland Security, Mr Sebenza Whataboy Ditlopo. (Wonderful fellow).

I propose that in some instances, it is advisable to remove oneself from the stage, for a brief period of time and then, from “the hospital ward in Saudi Arabia” (aka: luxury Swiss apartment in the Alps) , watch the political posturing back home, as it were.

And what better way to remove oneself from the stage for a while?

By feigning illness.

There is nothing like the possible death of a leader to light the spark of desire for leadership in others.

Works every time.

And the best part is – you don’t have to put in for sick leave.