Changing Names – The Real Reasons (Part 1)

Why change city, town and street names?

Not for the reasons you think, trust me.

It’s got nothing to do with remembering struggle heroes of twenty to thirty years ago. I mean who was Stanza Bopape in any event? Lilian Ngoyi? Sophie De Bruyn? And don’t cheat by googling them! Nobody knows who these people were, least of all me. And I run this place.

In any event, did the great King Tshwane ever exist? Who knows and really, who cares? He was not even a struggle hero (I may be wrong). Probably just some two-bit local cattle rustler, as it were. And I am not talking about Tshwane’s own King of Bling here!

So sorry I’m late, I got lost on the way into the city centre. I mean, where the hell does Stanza Bopape Drive go?

It has less to do with pissing off the minority opposition (but it is an added benefit). The fact that I run the show like my own personal fiefdom is enough to piss most people off, trust me. Changing street names alone to piss of the opposition is fun, but not reason enough.

No, the real reason is a lot darker, a lot more sinister, more shocking.

More self-serving!


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