Nelson Mandela


So, that’s it then – the old boy is gone.

I sit here trying to think of something witty to say, but there is nothing.

Somehow, I thought he would carry on forever. I mean, he overcame so much, so what would death be to him? He will survive death too.

Seems I was wrong.

Never let it be said that Africa does not produce magnificent leaders


That is all.



This Post is off topic


In case you missed the above:

This post is off topic.

Today, I would like to discuss blog awards.

Welcome. To. Facebook? (Thats WTF?)

Yes, blog awards. I have been taking a gander beyond myself lately and have been perusing “other people’s'” blogs, as it were and I have noticed that there is this notion of nominating people for blog awards.

As in: “Hi TruedustFaereyFolk, I just loved your latest post. So I nominated you for the “Lifetime Achievement Biscuit Dunking Award”. You just need to come to my site and collect it.

Firstly – Nominate?

Again – Welcome. To. Facebook?

Nominate does not mean win. I mean, just ask Keanu Reeves – He has been nominated for tons of things, but all he has ever won is scorn. And rightly so.

Example: For best actor in a major motion picture are: Ben Stiller, nominated for his role as Blah Blah in Blah Blah Blah, Michael J Fox, nominated for his role as Blah Blah in Blah Blah Blah and Keanu Reeves, nominated for his role as Neo in The Matrix. And the winner is…NOT KEANU REAVES!

Secondly, why do I need to go to your site to collect it? Huh?

Post it to me.

"scuse? Huh? An Award? For what? The Longest, Most Persistent Fool Award? Wow!

“scuse? Huh? An Award? For what? The Longest, Most Persistent Fool Award? Wow!

Thirdly, what the hell are these things about?

The Liebster Award? Whats this? The Nobel Peace Prize for assistance in helping others with proper punctuation and apostrophe placement? (You’re welcome, dammit)!

The Beautiful Blog Award? One might as well come up with an award for the best ability to misplace Lego figurine heads! I will call it the Gillooly’s Interchange Award. (You can Google it, it’s a thing, OK).

I have decided that I will never accept such an award. They mean zippo!

What I do want, however (and take note Father Christmas), is that bloody elusive blue tick next to my damn twitter account!

That is all.

An open Apology.


I have never been one for writing, hence the poorly drafted secrecy bill.

For that I apologise.

Oh, and for Winnie Mandela as well.

There, I said it!

David Patraeus – Anatomy of a Downfall


It’s so simple.

I put to you the following:

Exhibit A:

What? This is 2012? What ever happened to the early 80’s?

Exhibit B:

Well, hello there soldier…want to drive my…tank?

Now, I think the above speaks for itself, as it were.
But don’t trust me, I have a shower head on my crown.

Why I did not post in July 2012



I got lost on the Road to Mangaung.

With all the changes to street names, I ended up in some place in the North Western Cape, alone and looking for a friendly place to lay my weary political head, as it where (and I do not refer to “the spear” here).

Oh &%$#, I think I am at the wrong place. Sorry.

I have now finally made it back to some place that has a cell phone tower and will heading back out of the political wilderness.


Changing Names – The Real Reasons (Part 2) (C) Edookayshun


Edookayshun, also known in current parlance as “education”.

Where and how does this fit in, you ask.

Let me explain. It’s very simple.

Educated people question before they vote. They want to know what we/I have to deliver, have I made these promises before and have I delivered on these said promises in the past? (Answer: of course not. Not in a million years). Once they reach their own conclusions, they then vote on the basis of these silly, but correct conclusions.

The uneducated don’t. They do what we/I tell them to do. They are easily intimidated and easily fooled. (See Julius Malema). We promise them service delivery (see previous post), we promise them education, as it were, we promise them jobs and we promise them change.

You must use this finger…Huh? …No, your own and you must vote for us. We can bring the same change year after year. Huh? Hey, Bra van my, I know how much change the buses use!

And the uneducated, they don’t think and recognise their poor uneducated position.


They see the promises. They hold onto the promises and they vote for me, never thinking about four years back when they were spun the same rehashed crap.

Now son, let us say that in between elections we do in fact educate these people, my voting populace. We provide schools, we provide text books and toilet facilities with roofs, what do you think will happen?


They begin to think. They think about their places in society, about promises never kept, they start thinking for themselves.

And eventually, I have the hordes at my gates, wanting a slice of the pie, my pie (as it were).

So, there it is…education gives rise to problems. Namely for me.

In other words – a vote for education, is a vote against me.

What were you thinking?


Burkina Faso?

I mean, come on! What the hey?

Col. Gaddafi, what part of tropical island did you not understand?

I think I may have underestimated you. Maybe you really are dumber than I gave you credit for.

Burkina Faso? The Land of the Upright People?


Yep, you gonna fit right in.

I assume there was no exit strategy.

What? I could of got a tropical island? Instead I got Burkina Faso!

Oh well, stupid is as stupid does.


Just ask Forrest.