Toyota Rebel Recall



This could be good news.

Sources close to sources who should know better have advised me that Toyota (Japan) has begun a recall of certain Toyota Motor vehicles due to certain manufacturing problems.

Something about accelerators getting stuck.

Vrooooom on by the Palace cos we can't stop - No coup today boys!

Can't stop, can't stop this thing. Silas, WTF we can't stop, Oh Gaaawd, we're all gonna die. I don't wanna die yet Silas

All the better for me, then.

So, I have decided to extend Toyota’s recall (A sort of international assistance as it were), to all things Toyota, driven specifically by supporters of the neo-post colonialists and other such like rebels. (Including, but not limited to my mother-in-law’s Toyota Camry – good riddance).

In the event that my own Toyota armoured vehicle (custom made) should find itself sans the ability to stop, I decided to trade it in (as it were) for a state of the art Lexus. That is until my Minister of Inland Security gave a polite cough.

Five points for him then.

So I have decided to go for something that stops through its own lack of inertia.

 Bit of a bitch in traffic though.

See any parking, James. Preferably right outside the palace, old boy!